Chiropractic Care

We provide the best chiropractic care utilizing modern chiropractic techniques. Advances in chiropractic technology and research have allowed us to provide a high level care to all patients.

Modern chiropractic care is very safe and more comfortable than ever before. A thorough exam can determine if a patient is suitable for chiropractic care and is performed on all new patients. Dr. Cone has years of training and experience in spinal adjustments.

Spinal and Posture Screening

Our Spinal Analysis Machine (SAM) detects posture conditions such as scoliosis. The noninvasive procedure only takes a few minutes and provides information to unlock the door to improved health.

SAM is utilized at health fairs, community events as well as places of employment. Contact our office to schedule a complimentary screening at your event or workplace.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Workstations that are setup improperly can lead to spinal problems. These issues can be evaluated by Dr. Cone to determine if your desk is the correct height or your computer monitor is positioned properly.

To arrange a complimentary ergonomic evaluation, call (507) 858-6445.

Nutritional Information

Recommendations are provided on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to support your return to health. Dr. Cone can answer your questions on what constitutes a quality vitamin and what will best enhance your health.

Physiotherapy Modalities

At Cone Chiropractic we also use the following therapeutic procedures to complement and enhance your chiropractic adjustment:

Interferential electric muscle stimulation, Hydrotherapy, Intersegmental mechanical traction, Cryotherapy, Interactive massage chair, Ultrasound.

Corrective Exercises

Our patients are provided special exercises to strengthen and support that area of concern. These exercises can be done at home and research has shown they can improve the effectiveness of your adjustments by helping muscles and connective tissue support your spine.

Lifestyle Advice

Our mission is to educate our patients so they are in control of their health. We explain to our patients activities that should or should not be done for their health problem to speed the recovery and reduce further aggravations.

Once a month we offer a complimentary Wellness Class to explain more about health and chiropractic. Call our office for the date and time of the next evening class.

D.O.T. Exams

Department of Transportation physical exams performed at Cone Chiropractic.

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